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Motel Dubeau Travelers Inn

Motel Du Beau Travelers Inn in Flagstaff

Motel dubeau travelers inn is the perfect way to experience Flagstaff at its core; offering guests an unforgettable and charming stay. A beautiful motel that recalls old mountain towns with clean rooms and comfy beds; staff are super-friendly while owners live nearby – this motel truly sets itself apart!

Since 1929, this iconic Route 66 landmark has been an oasis for travelers from all around the world – first as Flagstaff’s inaugural “motor court” motel and later as one of its legendary roadside motels on Route 66. Boasting colorful history and distinctive character, its welcoming hospitality continues to provide restful respite from global adventurers alike.

Motel Du Beau is centrally located in Flagstaff and offers an assortment of cozy En Suite rooms to meet any budget. Rates include light breakfast, reliable WiFi & off street parking. Socialize with fellow travelers in Nomads Lounge where globally-inspired cuisine and cocktails are served; as well as being just steps from eateries, brew pubs, art galleries & local shops!

While most motels have removed walls to create larger rooms, this hotel has maintained some of the original rooms – petite yet cozy, as they were in 1929! These Economy rooms don’t include television but do come equipped with their own bathroom.

When the weather is nice, this motel’s pool and outdoor bar provide the ideal place to unwind while taking advantage of Arizona’s sunshine. They feature a jukebox, pool tables and foosball as well as a kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals if desired. Plus their front desk staff is an invaluable source of local events and activities!