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Omar Kelly Net Worth

Omar Kelly Net Worth

Omar Kelly is a sports reporter for the Miami Sun-Sentinel. Kelly covers the NFL and Miami Dolphins. Kelly graduated from Florida A&M University in 1997 and has been a sports journalist since 1997. He is known for his quick, straight-forward reporting and his pragmatic viewpoints. Rumours abound that he may be leaving the Sun-Sentinel. Let’s find out his net worth.

Omar Kelly was born in Kingston (Jamaican) and raised in Miami by his loving parents. His parents have since passed away, so his family members are largely unknown. Kelly attended a local high school before enrolling at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Kelly later studied journalism at the University of Miami, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a minor focusing on Humanities. His net worth is currently estimated to be around $7 million.

Omar Kelly is married to Marilyn. They were married in February 2019, and have a beautiful daughter Mila, who was born March 1, 2021. Omar earns $96,320 a year from his position as a sports reporter at the Miami Dolphins. His salary is comparable to that of other sports reporters for the Sun-Sentinel. His net worth is approximately $1 million. However, he chooses to live a modest lifestyle.

Omar Kelly is married to Marilyn Kelly, his best friend’s wife. They have been married for over two years and have one daughter. Kelly recently left Sun without stating a reason for his departure. His fans speculated that he was sick or that he liked dolphins. However, he later said he was going to pursue other opportunities. In spite of this, Kelly’s net worth is still rising.

Omar and Marilyn Kelly are a beautiful couple. They have a beautiful daughter. Omar Kelly often shares photos of their family on Twitter. Marilyn Kelly looks as though she’s in her mid-30s. Their daughter, Ava, is a cutie! Marilyn and Omar Kelly have a child. Their little girl is adorable and the couple often shares photos on Twitter. Their net worth could be quite high.

Omar Kelly’s net worth increases with the aging population. Kelly has been writing about the NFL and its players since 1995 for the Sun Sentinel. His final week at the Sun Sentinel is his last. After that, he’ll be moving on to the Pittsburgh Gazette and writing about the Tennessee Titans. Kelly still makes a good living from his profession.