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Marks Of Fortune

Marks of Fortune

Marks of Fortune are cosmetics that are available in the game. To get them, click on the Esc key on your keyboard and a larger UI menu will appear. From here, you can purchase and use cosmetics to modify the look of your character. These cosmetics are not intended to alter gameplay but are only for aesthetic purposes.

In-game purchases can either be made with real money or with the Steam Wallet. Visit the Steam Wallet support page for more information. Be aware that in-game purchases cannot be refunded. Players should ensure they have enough money to purchase any in-game items.

Cosmetic items can be purchased with Marks of Fortune in the New World shop. The prices are up to 70% lower than in the main game. You can buy items from the shop by using your Marks of Fortune, which you can get by playing the game or using real money. You can view the item before purchasing it from the shop.