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Lab Research Assistant Crossword

Lab Research Assistant Crossword

Zhenya, Gabby, Johnstone Tcheou, and Temima Yellin are all names of lab research assistants. But what do they all have in common? They all are important to the scientists and they all work tirelessly to advance the field of science. These women are the lifeline of the research world and they deserve all the praise they get.

Zhenya is a lab research assistant

Zhenya is a graduate of the HSE University in Moscow, where she studied Cognitive Science. Her research focuses on phoneme perception and the neural correlates of syntactic processing. She joined the lab in November 2021 and is responsible for performing a range of technical tasks. When not in the lab, she enjoys bouldering, going on short hikes, and trying new things.

Johnstone Tcheou is a lab research assistant

Johnstone Tcheou, a graduate of Brandeis University, has a background in biology and public health. He will be working in the serology core, analyzing data from serological samples. His research interests include viral infections, public health, and epidemiology. Outside of work, Johnstone loves playing video games and playing guitar and bass. He also likes to spend time with friends and family and to go on trips.

Gabby is a lab research assistant

Gabby is a second-year Biological Sciences major who has a particular interest in neuroscience and human biology. She is on the pre-med track and hopes to become a plastic surgeon. She enjoys going out to eat and daydreams about going to Disneyland one day. She also enjoys working out at the ARC and making lattes.

Kaitlyn is a lab research assistant

Kaitlyn is a recent graduate from the New School, where she majored in Interdisciplinary Science and minored in Psychology. She plans to continue her research career at the Krammer Laboratory, where her primary focus is next-generation sequencing. Her research interests lie at the intersection of novel therapeutics and communicable diseases. Outside of the lab, Kaitlyn enjoys reading, spending time with her friends, and being active.

Elaine is a biochemistry major

Elaine is a biochemistry major, who studied at the California State University, Fullerton. She has experience in protein biochemistry and structural biology. Her current research interests include vascularized brain organoids generated from iPSCs. Outside of research, she enjoys eating out and binge-watching Korean dramas.

Eden is a biochemistry major

Eden is a second year Biological Sciences major, with a focus in neuroscience and human biology. She is on the pre-med track, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Plastic Surgeon. She enjoys spending time with her friends at Newport Beach, competing in NYT daily crossword puzzles, and making lattes.

Eden graduated from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Biological Sciences

Eden is a second-year Biological Sciences major who is interested in human biology and neuroscience. She is on the pre-med track and hopes to become a plastic surgeon. She enjoys spending time at the beach with her friends and competing in the New York Times crossword puzzle. When not studying, she likes to cook and try new foods.

She plans to apply her knowledge of animal behavior to the study of evolution in the near future. She wants to conduct genomic research on rockfish to uncover genes that played a role in their speciation. Eventually, she hopes to earn her Ph.D. and make a difference by educating underrepresented students in STEM fields.

Undergraduates interested in biology should know that it is a competitive field. Most bio graduates wish to enter the health care field, such as medicine. As a result, UCI helps filter out those who are unqualified for the field.