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Free People Sweetheart Sweater

Free People Sweetheart – Tan Chunky Knit Mock Neck Oversized Sweater

Having worn the Free People Sweetheart tan Chunky Knit Mock Neck Oversized Sweater for a week now, I can attest that it’s the coolest piece of clothing in my closet. The oversized, fuzzy tan colour is a perfect fit for me and my mates, while the high-low hem line makes the whole ensemble look a little more polished than a casual Friday. The sweetheart tan is a great match for your wardrobe’s denim clad jeans. With a svelte price tag to match, you can’t go wrong with this sassy little number. It’s a must have for a fashion conscious gal in the know.

The name brand tee is a bit of a splurge, but the quality is worth the hefty pricetag. The company’s shirts are made of cotton that’s a bit more than your average joe, but they’ll stay in the fold for a long time. The tee boasts a small, but functional, pocket, perfect for keeping a credit card handy. The svelte sweater is available in sizes ranging from S to L.