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Scentsy Travel Tin

Scentsy Travel Tin Black Raspberry Vanilla

Scentsy Travel Tin Black Raspberry Vanilla

Want to experience scentsy’s top-of-class products in the palm of your hand? That’s why we proudly offer these cool tins that will make life easier and your home smell fresher. These mini tins are just right for smaller spaces like wardrobes, drawers or gym bags or nappy bags.

Scentsy’s award-winning tins are filled with a specially formulated gel that delivers maximum fragrance value for your money. They make stylish additions to any decor and come in colors ranging from black to brown – and everything in between!

They’re also incredibly easy to use: simply open the tin and insert one or two of the included scent pods. Once in, spin the unit to create airflow that spreads the fragrance around your room or workspace – with no mess to clean!

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