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Why Do People Hate Vaush

Why Do People Hate Vaush?

Vaush is not a bad guy. He’s not an evil person who’s going to take over the world. However, he’s got some flaws. Generally, he’s pro-union and generally pro-workplace democracy. In the short term, he supports libertarian socialism, but in the long term, he supports anarcho-syndicalism.

Nevertheless, Vaush is not someone that you can just go to on the internet and have a discussion with. For one, he hasn’t been around for that long. His show is more of a reality talk show than a real debate. Moreover, he has a lot of ego and attention seeking issues.

Besides, there are plenty of other more reputable and well-known YouTubers who have been around longer. One of them, Ian Kochinski (aka IrishLaddie), is known for being a good debunker. This makes him a valuable asset to the left. On top of that, he’s got over 380,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

But where do these other YouTubers fit into the Vaush controversy? Some of them have been doing public work since before Vaush became the star of their respective streamer. Others, like Lindsay Ellis, are making videos about something that isn’t exactly related to Vaush’s show.

Vaush isn’t a fan of the political correctness of his day. Instead, he is an advocate for social democracy and libertarian socialism. As a result, he’s called out political correctness and authoritarian leftism. He’s also been a vocal proponent of harm reduction.

Although his video is as bad as the TERF’s anti-trans blood libel, he did make a point. It’s not just because he was able to come up with an enticing video about it. The video is a cynical ploy to deceive the unwary.

If you’re a skeptic, you probably won’t find anything to say about Vaush’s video. Nonetheless, it’s a good example of what a good online video can do. Besides, it’s also a proof that he’s not just a pretty face.

Aside from his ego, Vaush’s main appeal is his ability to entertain people. While most of his content is public, he’s been known to engage in more personal banter than his castmates, often with people that are out of the pale. Moreover, his show has a lot of yikes moments. Fortunately, it’s been at least a year since his most egregious episode, and Reddit has not dubbed him a hater.

Other notable Vaush moments include the aforementioned ThoughtSlime video, which was a great example of the fact that he’s the first to talk about the same thing. Similarly, he’s been critical of Krystal and Kyle for their lack of a debate.

Despite all these nitpicks, Vaush is still a valuable intellectual and a valuable asset to the left. Hopefully, he’ll get some more time in the spotlight to really cement his place as an important leftist. Also, if he continues to be an effective debunker, his clout is likely to increase.

In other words, it’s a matter of how the media and the Internet are influencing the real world. You’d be surprised at the impact it has on regular people. Those are the people who need to be a part of the conversation.