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Little People Talking Zoo

Little People Talking Animal Sounds Zoo Review

The Little People Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo is a fun interactive playset that is sure to delight children of all ages. Including four habitats to explore, this zoo has something for everyone. The playset includes a zookeeper figure, a moveable flag, and several animal inspired details to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

This nifty little set features a zoo keeper platform that activates the requisite lights and sounds. There’s a winding waterslide in the water region, and a pass-through cave in the Grasslands area. In addition to the keeper platform, the little one can also push on some lilly pads to make a pond or two. It’s all in a neat looking package that is easy to assemble.

One of the more interesting aspects of the zoo is that the animals can actually communicate with each other. The big picture is a great opportunity to teach your little one about life in the wild. Not only can you play with the zoo, but you can also interact with the animals by using the aforementioned keeper platform. For example, the zoo keeper can talk to the fish in the pond, and the hippo in the water. To top it off, the keeper can actually play the jungle music in the Water region, or at least you can do that with the included gizmos.

Other noteworthy items include a cool looking lion cub, an impressive looking polar bear, and a awe-inspiring giraffe. Of course, the real fun is in letting your little one interact with these creatures, and that is where the aforementioned lion, polar bear, and giraffe come into their own. With a lion in the Arctic, a polar bear in the jungle, and a giraffe in the grasslands, there’s no shortage of options for your little explorer. If the thought of letting your kiddo run wild with this nifty little toy is too much to handle, then don’t fret – the zoo also comes with a handy-dandy guide for keeping them safe and happy.

The zoo is the best thing to happen to the Little People line of products, and that’s not just because of the aforementioned perks. It also comes with a DVD that tells the story of sharing the spotlight. Using the aforementioned keeper platform, you can even pretend to be a zoo keeper and have a little fun yourself. As for the keeper’s other tasks, you can always take your pick of the zoo’s other mammals, and narrate your own tales, with a zoo keeper that actually knows what he’s talking about. While the zoo may be a bit of a chore to build, the experience is well worth it. Whether you’re a first time keeper or a seasoned pro, you’ll surely find something to suit your fancy. After all, there aren’t many tame apes on the planet.

The aforementioned zoo also comes with a fun DVD, a zoo keeper, a lion, and a polar bear. This is the perfect gift for a little one who wants to get more than they give.