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Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires is a brand of tires that is known for high quality and affordability. It is a leading name in the Chinese tire industry. It is also the exclusive tire sponsor of the China Super Truck Grand Prix. Its products are suitable for all steering positions and are ideal for long-haul service. The company focuses on uniformity and quality in its production and strives to meet high standards of performance and longevity. The company is based in Thailand, but also manufactures and sells products in China and other parts of Asia.

The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility has helped it earn the title of “Green Factory” with a reputation for promoting ethical and sustainable practices in production. This includes strict quality control, use of clean energy, sewage treatment, and innovation in retreading. The brand’s mission is to empower individuals and the environment by providing superior quality tire solutions.

The company began production of Fortune tires in China in 2005 and has a variety of products for both the passenger and truck market. Their model names include Viento, Perfectus, and Tormenta A/T. These products are affordable, and the majority of Fortune Tires purchasers are satisfied with their purchase. However, the company does not offer a warranty, but one tire listing on Cassidy Tires says that the treadwear on the Fortune Viento is limited to 50,000 miles.