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Woodland Research

Woodland Research and Technology Park

Located in the center of the food innovation hub, the Woodland Research and Technology Park is a 350 acre work/live campus. It is designed to serve an array of research companies, and is expected to be one of the country’s premier agriculture and food research and technology centers. It is projected to have over 2 million square feet of office space, a variety of housing options, and parks. It is connected by a multi-modal street network and pedestrian and bicycle greenways. It is also connected to the University of California, Davis, and the Woodland Community College.

The site also includes an incubator to help start-up companies test cutting-edge technologies faster. The site will also provide employment opportunities to local residents. In addition, the tech campus will also make use of existing agricultural based industries and will offer new markets and materials for companies looking to expand.

The site is also designed to incorporate green technology, including the design of pedestrian and bicycle greenways, a “shared mobility hub,” and micro transit stops. This will provide a central point of connection for alternative transportation, and is a good sign that Woodland is serious about being a more environmentally friendly community. The site’s design includes well-connected parks and open spaces, and is also protected from the rain.

As a major part of the project, the Woodland Research and Technology Park will have a variety of other features, including a bike/pedestrian trail system that connects to nearby schools and communities. The site is also intended to be a center of research and innovation for other research institutions in the Sacramento area. In addition, the site will serve as an employment center for a variety of science and technology companies. It will also be an ideal place for residents to live and work. It is expected that the project will be approved, but it will take some time before the project moves forward.

The Woodland Research and Technology Park also features a variety of parks and recreational facilities, and offers a variety of housing options. It is also located near one of the nation’s premier agricultural research universities, the University of California, Davis. The campus will serve a variety of companies, including an innovative tech startup, and is expected to play a key role in enhancing the area’s economic development. It is estimated that a combination of new residents and new jobs will spur economic growth.

The Woodland Research and Technology Park Specific Plan has also been released, and the City of Woodland has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report. It is expected that the project will be voted on by the Yolo County Local Agency Formation Commission in mid-2023. The Woodland Research Park is one of the most important developments in the area, and the city will do everything it can to ensure the project’s success. In the meantime, the City of Woodland and the applicant team are working to develop a comprehensive entitlement package for the site.