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Andrea Russett Birth Chart

Andrea Russett Birth Chart

Andrea Russett, an American actress and YouTuber, is Andrea Russett. She was born in Fort Wayne (Indiana), the county seat for Allen County. She is 27 years old. Her astrological chart can give us insight into her personality traits. She has a social personality, which is characteristic of the sign she was born under. Her rising sign, or Ascendant, was in the east at the time of her birth. Her rising sign is a good indicator for how her personality will develop.

The star was born on June 27, 1995. She is a Christian as well as an American citizen. She grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her parents are graphic designers, and she has one brother and sister. She was born in Fort Wayne and later moved to California where she completed her high school education via online courses. In 2013, she became a naturalized citizen of America.

Andrea Russett has worked in numerous films. Her first role was in ‘Expelled’, a feature film from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. She appeared in a variety of short films and television shows after that. She hosts a talk show called “Apologies in Advance.” Andrea Russett is a regular on YouTube, with over 2 million followers and over 196 million video views.

Russett was a Fort Wayne, Indiana native. She is the daughter Jacqui and Mark Russett. She has one sister, Anna, and a brother, Anthony. Russett was born to graphic designers parents and began her music career shortly thereafter. Her first single, “Get Out Alive,” was released in December 2020, and her Twitch account was launched in 2022.

Andrea Russett is an American actress, singer, and internet personality. She has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and is well-known for her channel ‘gettoxfabxfforever. She first became famous when she uploaded music videos to YouTube when she was just fourteen years old. She has a huge fan base on YouTube, and was one of the youngest people to host a nationally syndicated radio show. She is active in various forums and social media, along with her music career.

Andrea Russett has been identified as bisexual. She came out as bisexual in late 2018 and has since maintained a clean public image. Although she was previously linked to YouTube stars Zane Hijazi and Kian Lawley, their relationship ended quickly. She is now single. She is five feet, 2.5 inches tall and weighs 52 kg. Her shoe size is 5.5. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are brown.