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Splitty Travel Reviews

Splitty Travel Reviews – Is Splitty Travel Legitimate?

Splitty Travel stands out among online travel agencies by promising discounted hotel booking rates at attractive discounts for travelers. However, its innovative approach still raises some doubt about its legitimacy – to assess if a platform can truly be trusted it’s important to conduct extensive research into its background, customer reviews, partnerships and responsiveness.

Splitty is a booking site that claims to help travelers save up to 50% on hotel bookings with its technology of dividing room reservations in two. They offer a selection of hotels for seamless user experiences as well as providing answers to commonly asked questions through a helpful FAQs section on their website. Ultimately, their service provides travellers with flexibility and freedom during travel experiences.

This company was launched in 2015 by a team of travel and tech industry veterans with extensive experience at Huawei, Microsoft, Skyscanner and more. Since its formation, Fuson (ClubMed, Atlantis Hotels and Cirque du Soleil), Techstars Ventures Cockpit Innovation and 2b Angels have invested an aggregate total of $10 Million into this startup which employs eight staff in Rishon Lezion Israel.

This revolutionary reservation system uses machine learning and search technology to offer innovative hotel booking offers for consumers. This platform searches various combinations of room rates to find deals not available through traditional booking platforms; furthermore, users are allowed to book multiple rooms in a city at different times to ensure that their vacation remains hassle-free without incurring higher premium room costs and having enough rooms available for everyone in their group.

Although Airbnb offers an attractive business model, it has experienced some hiccups since its debut. Critics have noted the need for travelers with children to switch hotels during their stay – something not ideal when traveling alone. Furthermore, scaling has proven challenging for this startup and drawing in customers at scale has proven challenging as well.

In spite of these challenges, the company has accomplished impressive growth and been recognized by multiple travel industry publications and organizations. Most notably in 2019 when EyeforTravel San Francisco run their start-up contest awarded it the Travel Tech & Travel Innovator of the Year award.

With its innovative booking technology and user experience in mind, this platform provides an exceptional user experience and access to over 100 countries’ hotels for free and without signup fees or subscription costs. Plus, users can access it across desktops, smartphones and tablets!

Similar to most online travel agencies, Splitty Travel faces its own set of risks. Being a third-party booking service provider means their success depends heavily on the hotels they partner with; should any one fail to meet expectations or present issues, GoSplitty might struggle to assist their guests effectively.