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Splitty Travel Review

Splitty Travel Review – Is Splitty Travel a Scam?

With so many online travel agencies to choose from, it can be hard to distinguish which are trustworthy. One travel agency that has gained attention on Reddit is Splitty Travel, which claims to save travelers money by splitting hotel reservations. But is Splitty Travel legit or fraudulent? In order to answer this question we will examine their background, features and customer service practices so as to provide all of the information you need before deciding whether or not Splitty Travel should be part of your next adventure.

How Does Splitty Travel Work? Splitty Travel is an Israeli company that employs technology to offer personalized hotel booking offers at the lowest possible price. Their site’s technology separates a traveler’s hotel search across multiple days and rates in order to produce millions of booking offers worldwide before selecting and consolidating only the best ones into a single reservation – up to 50 percent lower prices compared to traditional online travel agencies!

The company claims its system uses machine learning algorithms to detect patterns in consumer booking behavior, such as when someone searches multiple dates and rates or attempts to book room upgrades. Once identified, its software attempts to identify the optimal rate and room type for every night as well as detect hotel pricing strategies like discounts on certain nights or gimmicks such as rooms being discounted temporarily.

Eran Shust, CEO of Splitty Travel, explained in an interview with Fortune that his technology creates “mixed rate” hotel deals by combining different rates into a single reservation. According to Eran, this method may increase incremental demand that other online travel services do not fully tap.

Even with its innovative pricing model, some hotels remain wary that this platform may not uphold their booking agreements. They claim the platforms fail to communicate with them and may cause issues during a stay; some even accuse these companies of “bumping” guests by selling their room directly for more.

An important consideration when evaluating an online travel agency is their fee and charge transparency. Reputable booking websites do not hide fees or charges in their prices and it’s essential that rates from similar booking services be compared in order to determine their competitiveness.

Finally, it’s essential to assess the quality of a website’s customer support. A reputable booking agency should prioritize excellent service and respond quickly to inquiries; furthermore, their support should be offered in your preferred language and address any concerns effectively. Finally, see if the company has affiliations or partnerships with renowned hotel chains and travel organizations.