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Star Wars Time Travel Fanfiction

Star Wars Time Travel Fanfiction

As a Star Wars fan, chances are you have wondered at some point what it would be like if one or more characters traveled backwards in time. Luckily there are quite a few fanfics available which explore this idea!

Here is just a small selection of the most outstanding ones.

Silver’s Recommendation: This fanfiction is truly outstanding. With great setting and character development, as well as some minor issues that keep it from being perfect – still making for an outstanding read – this piece serves as an outstanding example of what the possibilities could be in Star Wars fanfiction if its authors were more willing to explore darker aspects of characters and world.

Luke wakes up several years after the battle of Yavin in his younger body on Tatooine and meets an odd-looking stranger who tells him they know a great deal about his family, but only if Luke will listen. Little does Luke realize this new acquaintance will change everything! A great fic that offers an intriguing perspective on Jedi/Padawan relationships as well as some fascinating implications for future of galaxy.

Once the action starts it becomes hard to put down! This fic is distinct in that it focuses less on the Force itself and more on what happens when one person inexplicably ends up on another’s timeline, exploring this aspect rather than diving straight into action or romantic sex content too soon. I found it very refreshing and thought the pacing was excellent; additionally it avoids common errors which make a fic monotonous such as covering too many details quickly or overdoing it with romance!

Another fic that hasn’t been updated in awhile but still deserves to be read is Time Travel Morality Tale, by Daniel M. Williams and Daniel D. Williams (across two fics). It’s an intelligent, action-packed retelling about time travel morality – certainly one of the more thought-provoking fics I’ve read when it comes to exploring its implications and consequences; not to mention being very moving with touching characters who make an easy connection.

After the war against the Empire is finished, young Luke Skywalker expresses a wish for an opportunity to meet his father before he succumbed to Dark Side temptations. When this wish comes true through The Force, Luke quickly learns that all is not as it seems in the past; this fic is both heartwarming and terrifying; though not specifically romantic in nature; still very much an OTP story!