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Nuna Demi Grow Travel System

Nuna Demi Grow Travel System Review

Nuna Demi Grow Travel System is one of the most versatile strollers on the market with 23 configurations to meet any family’s changing needs. Its adjustable dual suspension and strong, foam filled tires offer a smooth ride over any terrain while the large retractable canopy with pull-out Dream Drape offers sun coverage. Plus, with one touch rear wheel braking and height-adjustable handlebar for every parent no matter their height; plus its large underseat basket to store essential items!

The seat features a deep, v-shaped recline that allows newborns to lay flat from day one, with the option to flip around so your child faces either you or the world. Furthermore, its canopy boasts large sunshade with flip out sunshade functionality and mesh ventilation to help combat those hot summer days.

This stroller can be used from birth, with either a carrycot or infant car seat (adapters included), and even has the versatility of becoming a double stroller if additional bassinet/second seat purchases are made – offering exceptional flexibility compared to luxury strollers that only provide single or double seating solutions.

Though adding the second seat does reduce storage basket capacity slightly, it still has enough space for use. Furthermore, this stroller comes equipped with rain covers and fenders to protect against inclement weather – and footmuffs provide warmth during colder conditions.

Folding this stroller is straightforward and even allows it to stand when folded – though only with no seats attached! Unfortunately, its bulky design may prevent that feature. So be sure to measure your trunk before purchasing!

Nuna Demi Grow strollers can be expensive. In order to expand it into a double, additional accessories like bassinet and second seat may need to be purchased, which adds up quickly. Of course, shopping around can bring prices down somewhat; with proper planning you could find sales or discounts which bring down its price slightly.