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Traveling Merchandiser Jobs

Traveling Merchandiser Jobs

Traveling merchandiser jobs typically involve some traveling, from short trips to multiple locations to lengthy road trips. You work with a team to load and unload materials needed for setting up store displays and visual merchandising at multiple locations using planograms as part of your mission. Other responsibilities may include adjusting shelving as well as replacing tags and point-of-sale ads when needed.

Most traveling merchandiser jobs necessitate having your own reliable vehicle to make trips, with some positions requiring you to drive your own car. You will likely need a valid driver’s license as well as some basic knowledge of road etiquette for safe driving practices.

Top-Notch Merchandising Resets and Fixtures

A successful merchandising resets and fixtures job necessitates an eye for design as well as an understanding of merchandising terminology. In this field, this includes knowing which shelf to display each product (experimentation is key), correctly tagging products on shelves, using correct date codes on items that need replenishing or restocking, and creating a well-executed planogram.

Many renowned manufacturers of superior merchandising, steel and display products can be found across America. TAB Inc, located in Fort Mill, SC., is one of the premier providers of these innovative solutions to top-tier retailers nationwide. With a well-earned reputation as an outstanding merchandising solutions provider, TAB Inc is always searching for skilled, self-sufficient and highly motivated merchandising wizards to join its award winning team.