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Alcohol Begins To Affect You__________after It Enters Your Body

Your body begins to feel the effects of alcohol as soon as it enters your system. Alcohol quickly reaches your brain because it contains more blood. After 50 minutes, alcohol starts to affect you. Alcohol can slow down your body’s ability to function and affect your mood and behavior. Alcohol can also affect motor function and coordination. In large quantities, alcohol can cause serious problems. The effects of alcohol can last several hours.

Within minutes of consuming alcohol, the effects of alcohol start to manifest. Within an hour you will be completely drunk and unable think straight. You’ll experience slurred speech and impaired judgment. The alcohol will remain in your urine for eighty hours and in your hair for up to 90 hours. Drinking alcohol can cause liver damage and lead to cirrhosis.

Drivers can begin to notice the effects of alcohol as early as the first night after drinking. For example, inattention can result in weaving in traffic. Inattention can also be a sign of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can also be indicated by the presence of solid yellow lines on roads. It’s easy to drive without the necessary sleep, but your reaction time will be impaired.

Once alcohol has entered your body, it goes into your blood stream and travels to all body parts. Moreover, chemo drugs can alter the blood alcohol levels in your body. Your body weight and type will affect the effects of alcohol. Alcohol has different effects on different parts of the body, as you can see. It can have devastating effects on your liver and kidneys, so it’s important to know your body type and alcohol intake before drinking.

How much alcohol you consume, how often you drink it and how much you ingest will all affect how you feel about it. When you drink alcoholic beverages, it enters your body first through the mouth. The alcohol then travels through the lungs, liver, portal vein system, and into your entire body. The alcohol then reaches the rest of your body. This means that alcohol’s effects on your body will vary depending on how much food you eat.