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Co Parenting With Someone Who Hurt You


Co-parenting with someone who has hurt you is not an easy task. If your relationship has ended, the separation and divorce can be painful. You can learn how to co-parent effectively with someone who has hurt you. First of all, stay heart-centered. Accept differences and don’t ask yourself why your ex does this.

When you have children, your ex will tend to bring up the past hurt that has accompanied the relationship. This can manifest as heavy sarcasm or disrespectful attitudes. These behaviors will make the other parent feel less than you or that they have no value. In turn, this will affect the children. To co-parent with someone who has hurt you, it is important to learn to let go of the past.

You should not only set clear boundaries with your ex but also be flexible and available when it comes time to schedules. You should also avoid speaking negatively about the other parent. It can be difficult to co-parent with someone who has hurt you. However, you can get support from your parents and other friends. If you are unable to manage the pressure, a professional support system can be helpful. Consider joining a group that teaches you how to parent with someone who has hurt your feelings.

Most divorces involve majority time-sharing. Although this arrangement is more difficult than majority time-sharing it is possible. You can co-parent effectively if you are able to work together on parenting decisions and communicate well without causing any problems. Your kids will be safer with a parent who respects their boundaries and respects their feelings. When your ex is avoiding the child, be prepared to be flexible and try not to get into a fight.

Successful co-parents set aside their personal relationship with their ex and focus on the best interests of the kids. Both are in the best place to care for their children. Their best interest should be theirs, and acting in their best interest is always the first priority. This will help your children adjust better to the divorce process and new living arrangements. It will also increase their self-esteem. Co-parenting with your ex will be a good option if you don’t feel comfortable talking about these things with them.

Even though it is more difficult to co-parent with someone who has hurt your feelings, you shouldn’t let this affect your children. It is not a crime to speak up, but the court will see your words as evidence of bad behavior. Even if your ex is polite, you shouldn’t respond back by retaliating in the same way. Even if you were polite and nice to your ex, the words you say could be played in court.