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Beth Kowitt – Senior Writer at Fortune Magazine

Beth Kowitt is a senior writer at Fortune Magazine and covers business and food issues. She has written several cover stories for the magazine, including the war on “Big Food,” the rise of Trader Joe’s, and the business of food. Her most recent pieces focused on the plight of McDonald’s. Kowitt also has more than 50 web stories to her credit.

In addition to writing about business, Kowitt has been a part of Fortune’s Next Gen program since 2008. She has reported on the global expansion of Ikea and T.J. Maxx, as well as the trouble that’s brewing inside Lululemon. Kowitt joined the magazine in June 2008 and is currently co-chair of the magazine’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen initiative. Kowitt holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a master’s from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She lives with her husband, photographer Karsten Moran.