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Native Deodorant Travel Size

Native Deodorant Travel Size Review

With over 15,000 5-Star Reviews and counting, Native deodorant stands out as a superior aluminum- and paraben-free deodorant solution with long lasting odor protection that smells great! It boasts effective long term protection while remaining aluminum free.

This unscented formula includes coconut oil for its moisturizing and odor fighting properties; shea butter to soften and soothe skin; cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and bacteria which cause odor; baking soda which combats them; organic beeswax helps solidify its consistency; no fragrance or chemicals are used; suitable for sensitive skin; cruelty-free formula has passed all human safety, efficacy, and consistency tests over two years of recipe development;

TFG readers love native deodorant, with one calling it the “best natural deodorant on the market.” Their travel size (1/2 oz stick), designed for on-the-go use and designed to last 6-8 weeks, fits conveniently in any purse and is airline approved; also makes a great way to test out different scents without making an expensive commitment.

This product also comes in an unscented version. Directions – Apply an approx. finger tip amount under each armpit and allow time for it to dry before wearing clothing. Please avoid getting it on irritated or broken skin as well. Furthermore, as this deodorant is not waterproof it should not be used after shaving.