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Nanit Travel Case

Nanit Travel Case Review

The Nanit Travel Case is designed to keep your camera, stand, and power adapter safe on-the-go. Easily fitting into most diaper bags, purses, or luggage cases; perfect for playdates, traveling and visiting friends and family.

Nanit is unique because instead of offering two separate units – parent and child units – its smart camera serves as both the parent unit and child unit, making setup much simpler when traveling or visiting friends or family – no need to unplug and plug back in separately afterwards!

Nanit’s signature feature is its bird’s-eye view that provides an aerial perspective of your baby from above. While different from typical flat screen monitors, Nanit made a huge difference during our testing; our son Calvin would roll around constantly in his crib without ever falling out of frame behind its bars or into corners thanks to Nanit’s wide-angle lens always keeping him visible.

Nanit Insights provides another useful feature by keeping track of your baby’s sleeping data over time. This feature makes it easy to observe their patterns of restfulness and make sure they’re on track with reaching milestones; we found this aspect especially helpful when using Nanit.

Nanit stands out by offering multiple user capabilities and the option to restrict access by anyone not on your care team (this can be managed in the app settings), helping prevent sitters from peeking in at inappropriate times.

If you lead an active lifestyle and/or host friends and family often for meals and visits, the Nanit Travel Case could be worth checking out. With easy packing/unpacking capabilities that work seamlessly no matter where life may lead you.