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Genshin Impact Cake For Traveler

Genshin Impact – How to Get a Cake For Traveler

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that combines Breath of the Wild-style exploration with gacha game mechanics. Players can explore its world, go on quests, and earn pulls (aka “wishes”) for character unlocks through random draw mechanics. Furthermore, there’s plenty of story content that can be explored without spending any money.

Genshin Impact offers each playable character their own birthday, which can be set by players when they first register their account with the game. However, this doesn’t guarantee a gift on every special occasion; Keqing and Xiangling both have birthday messages for their fans that become unlocked as game content expands.

Genshin Impact’s main protagonist has a birthday set by the player – this special day cannot be shared with anyone else and cannot be claimed by other characters.

On the traveler’s birthday, they’ll receive a special item in their mailbox – called “Cake for Traveler.” This contains two Fragile Resin items that each restore 60 Original Resin. This makes it an invaluable item when completing Domains, Leyline Blossoms and boss battles in the game.

Players may claim a Cake for Traveler at any time, but it’s most likely given out during their birthday month. Therefore, players should ensure they log in on their special day in order to claim their reward!

On their birthday, Travelers will receive a message in their mailbox with an exclusive cake reward. This will be placed in the Mail section alongside a Fragile Resin and an extra copy of the cake that cannot be used.

The Cake for Traveler is an exclusive item that only appears once a year on a character’s birthday. With such limited supply, getting this cake may prove challenging so be sure to grab it while you can!

Travelers will also unlock messages from all playable characters in the game, which can be found under Voice-Over in their profiles. Each character wishes the player a happy birthday in their own special way through these unique wishes.

Are you searching for a way to make your Birthday in Genshin Impact even more unforgettable? Look no further than the Cake for Traveler! This rare item will grant you with both Fragile Resin and an additional copy of the cake, making it worth making sure to pick this up on your big day!

Genshin Impact offers several ways to get the Cake for Traveler reward, all of which have the same result. The simplest is changing your birthday in the game to reflect your actual birthdate; then you can claim it from your mail on that same date.

Alternatively, you can log in on your actual birthday and select tomorrow to receive rewards instantly. While this requires some preparation ahead of time, the effort is well worth it!