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Travel Guide to Milan

Milan is Italy’s second-most populous city, boasting an abundance of art and culture to be explored – its cathedral stands as testament to that fact, while other historical spots like Sforza Castle, Navigli district, Sforza family history centre are sure to deliver something new for each visitor. Local hosts are happy to share their tales at each hotspot so as to give visitors an exclusive perspective into this vibrant metropolis.

Milan is well known for its vibrant art scene, as well as its distinctive cuisine. As the capital of Lombardy region, Milan serves delicious cheeses like gorgonzola and mascarpone as well as breads such as michetta and panettone. Additionally, visitors looking for sweeter options can sample chocolate from some of the world’s premier chocolatiers or sip on a negroni cocktail originating in this city and composed of gin, Campari, and vermouth.

As one way of exploring a city’s past and culture, museums and galleries provide an invaluable way of getting acquainted. Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Last Supper fresco can be found at Santa Maria delle Grazie Church; other noteworthy museums and galleries in Italy include Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Museo del Novecento Gallerie d’Italia, and Casa Museo Boschi-di Stefano.

Alternatively, consider hiring a private guide if you’d prefer taking more time exploring the sights of your destination city. This option is especially great for travelers hoping to avoid crowds at major attractions or looking to discover lesser-known sites that might not feature on traditional itineraries.

Travel options in and around Milano vary, with Milano Centrale bus lines such as Line 1 and 5, Intercity services, and Milano Centrale all being popular choices for commuters. Tickets for each line can be bought either online or from kiosks located within each station; buses provide a cost-effective yet convenient means of exploring this vibrant city with various schedules throughout the day.

Visitors with two days are likely to cover Milan’s main sites, while those with more time can add day trips and day tours of nearby destinations. Milan may not boast as many “must-see” sights like Rome or Venice do; however there are still ample opportunities to experience food, drink, and sights during a four or five day visit.

Avoid Fashion Week crowds on this two-hour tour and head directly to artisanal boutiques on this two-hour walk! Explore shop windows, try products, and learn the history of famous brands that call this area home. Additionally, rum and chocolate tasting sessions are included; guests will sample rare varieties that may not typically be found at grocery or liquor stores.