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Magic Johnson I M Not Gonna Be Here

The NBA’s legendary center, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, has made his life and legacy one of the most talked about in basketball. “They Call Me Magic,” a documentary that Johnson recently shared with MARCA, tells the story about his life and struggles. Johnson discusses his motivations for making it so big in this interview.

As a famous basketball player, Magic Johnson has faced many challenges, including announcing that he is HIV-positive. As a result, he was surrounded by many questions, including “How did he get this disease?” Some questioned whether he deserved the illness, while others wondered if he had somehow deserved it. While Johnson’s public persona has changed, many things haven’t.

One of the most surprising things about Magic Johnson’s comments on his team is the fact that he chose tweet his criticisms of the Lakers’ performance after the game against the Nuggets. LeBron James is shining, but the rest of the team has been too casual and disinterested to perform. However, the veteran coach urged fans not to write off the Lakers just yet. After all, the team still has LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook to draw from. Magic Johnson said that the Lakers needed more time to get their act together, and play better defense.