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Aaron Hernandez Rookie Card

Aaron Hernandez Rookie Card

If you’re looking to add some spice to your collection, you may want to buy an Aaron Hernandez rookie card. The University of Florida drafted the former NFL tight end in 2010. He was the youngest player on the NFL roster at the time. His promising career culminated in a trip to both the Pro Bowl, and the AFC Championship. His rookie card ranked #77 in the NFL’s Top 100. However, all that changed when he was charged with the murder of three people.

This rookie card is in near mint condition and is priced at $35. Before you buy one, be sure to check the condition. The card is in a protective mailer and holder to ensure the utmost protection. If you purchase a card in this condition, you’ll get a lot for your money. Although it may not be worth the money, it will make a significant difference in the future of your collection.