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Sandy And John Black Net Worth

John and Sandy Black Net Worth

John and Sandy Black are a married couple from Mississippi. John is a board member of the University of Mississippi Foundation and earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in accountancy from Ole Miss in 1961 and 1962, respectively. After graduation, he met Sandy at a fraternity party, and the two got married in 1963. John later joined Peat Marwick as a CPA in Jackson. He also founded HCM Inc., which operates 53 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in seven southeastern states.

John and Sandy Black live in Madison, Miss. They are extremely generous and are known for their charitable donations to several organizations. Their most recent donation of $10 million to Ole Miss’s athletics foundation was for a new basketball and event arena, which is named for them. The Blacks have long been supporters of the school and hoped to use their money to give back to the university. Their donation was the largest ever made by private donors to the university. Their children include John Louis Black IV, John Black II, Kyle Culbertson, Brady Culbertson, and Amelie Black.

In April 2022, three companies associated with Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, claiming to have incurred $10 million in legal fees fighting Sandy Hook defamation lawsuits. The three companies then set up a trust to compensate victims and their families. In addition to contributing the equity of his LLCs to the trust, Jones contributed $750,000 personally, and he planned to contribute another $2 million at a later time.