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Irene Iron Travels

Irene Iron Travels and Aaron and Chris Willers Have 42,000 Subscribers on TikTok

TikTok channels managed by Irene Iron Travels and Aaron and Chris Willers have amassed 42,000 subscribers and focus on full-time RV living. These channels showcase their lifestyle as they explore off-beaten path locations with their Interstate motorhome. Aaron and Chris Willers describe this lifestyle as having both freedom to spend time outdoors while also experiencing campgrounds or RV parks for comfort.

Irene Adler is a fictional character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes short stories, who first appears as an American woman hiring Sherlock to locate her missing brother before later learning of his death and becoming associated with it. Irene is shown as an expert cross-dresser and spy; for instance she can successfully impersonate King Bohemia to fool Sherlock and John Watson as she also later begins working for Mycroft and the British government as James Bonde (Ziemuzu Bondo).

Irene and Holmes can be seen together in several films and television shows, most notably Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (1991), where Morgan Fairchild portrays Irene after three years since her supposed ‘death’; she can also be found as a lead opera singer in House and Leverage when investigating an art theft case involving stolen paintings.

Lara Pulver plays Irene, a femme fatale and master manipulator in the 2014 series of Sherlock. Like her literary counterpart, Irene serves high-end clients while adeptly cross-dressing. She is long considered Sherlock’s enemy; often trying to outwit him even when trusted with secret information which could benefit her employers.

Aaron and Christine Willers of Irene Iron Travels and Healthy RV Living fame decided to pursue full-time RV lifestyle full time beginning January 2019. They ditched their jobs in Minnesota to go traveling full-time in their RVs. They spent 18 months camping out of a van using roof top tent before upgrading to an Interstate and are in love with traveling wherever they please – even going so far as boondocking for 60 consecutive days without hookups! They love exploring the country while enjoying time with Louie, their Basenji puppy. Irene pays homage to Christine’s strong female lineage, being Christine’s grandmother and great-grandmother’s middle names respectively. Christine and Dave Willers’ lifestyle serves as an inspiring example of RV living and are hoping that others follow in their footsteps by becoming full-time RVers themselves.