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Scion Traveler’s Attire Coffer

The Scion Traveler Attire Coffer in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Scion Traveler’s Attire Coffer can be acquired through the main storyline of Stormblood expansion, available for 12 USD from Mog Station. It consists of five items: Scion Liberator Jacket, Fingerless Gloves, Pantalettes, Sabatons and Earrings.

As with the other NPC sets on Mog Station, this one is exclusively gendered for female characters and non-dyeable (unlike earlier Scion sets that could be dyeable).

To gain this item, players must complete the “The Scions Arrive in Sharlayan” quest and speak with Krile in Sharlayan city. Once completed, this item will become available for sale on Market Boards and can be bought.

The attire worn by scion travelers is intended to reflect Ala Mhigan’s distinctive gold trim jacket, including long sleeves with full coverage and open hem cuffs that end at the biceps – ideal for classes which use weapons with an emphasis on strength and attack, such as warriors or hunters.

Scion traveler attire is also perfect for classes that emphasize stealth or acrobatics, like monks. Its high collar gives it a regal appearance while its sleeves draw the eye of all who see it. Furthermore, this jacket is very lightweight making it convenient to carry around.

Market items from Stormblood expansion extend far beyond just traveler attire for scion travelers; players can acquire various pieces like an Hraesvelgr attire coffer by completing “The Hands of Fate” quest; this armor allows wearers extra teleportation abilities.

Another new item available through completing “A Requiem for Heroes” quest is the Welkin Apparel Coffer, which contains several pieces of clothing such as antiquated Welkin Hats and Welkin Robes for more casual looks on your scions.

Overall, the scion traveler’s attire is an outstanding outfit to own for any scion to wear. With its simple yet elegant design and low price tag, its suitability for any class makes this an excellent investment piece. When purchasing it is important to remember that market is currently being updated to incorporate items from stormblood expansion; therefore prices for these items may change over time but it is still worthwhile checking it out.