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Xbox Series X Travel Case

The Xbox Series X Travel Case – Everything You Need to Know

The Xbox Series X Travel Case is the ideal way to transport your new Xbox console when you’re on-the-go. This durable and water-resistant case will shield your console from scratches, bumps, dings while offering storage for controllers, headsets, chargers and more. Plus it has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and portability – making it a great choice for gamers on-the-go!

What You Should Know Before Purchasing This Product

The Xbox Series X is a major upgrade from its predecessors, featuring improved hardware and an intuitive user interface. It supports 4K resolutions so you can watch games in full HD at 60fps without any frame rate drops or loss of detail – though you do need a TV capable of 4K playback. While its interface looks similar to its predecessor and Xbox One counterparts, there are some nice touches like tiled backgrounds that can be customized, customizable pins on menus, and more.

Streaming Services for the Xbox Series X

The new Xbox Series X is an ideal place to watch movies and TV shows. It is compatible with multiple streaming services, such as Hulu in the US or Sky Go in the UK. Furthermore, it plays various formats like MPEG-DTS or HD videos up to 4K resolution.

It works perfectly with games, supporting a range of multiplayer modes such as splitscreen and co-op. Capable of storing up to 30 games simultaneously, you can download and install as many titles as desired without running out of storage space.

You can access your games with the Xbox app on your phone or tablet, allowing you to watch them in 4K resolution. Plus, it has a ‘Game DVR’ function so you can record gameplay and then replay it at a later date.

There are a range of accessories you can purchase to maximize the performance of your Xbox console, such as gaming mice, keyboards, USB-C hubs and more. Some are tailored specifically for the Xbox Series X while others work with other Xbox models.

The CASEMATIX Travel Case for the Xbox Series X is a form-fitting foam case with cutouts for your console and two controllers, plus room to store power & display cables and other accessories. Made from composite plastic hard shell material, this hard shell will protect your items against impacts and drops – making it an excellent investment for any gamer.

This case features an oversized handle and adjustable shoulder strap, making it a convenient accessory for on-the-go use. Plus, its base has four sturdy feet to keep your console upright when in transit – so your console will remain secure and stable inside its bag at all times.