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Peoples Bank Gallipolis Ohio

Peoples Bank in Gallipolis, Ohio

Peoples Bank is a diversified financial services holding company headquartered in Marietta, Ohio. They provide a wide range of banking and lending services. This includes a comprehensive suite of premium financing solutions, trust and investment services, and insurance products. As a testament to their quality of service, they have been recognized as the top bank for customer satisfaction in the state of Ohio.

Aside from their stellar customer service, they also offer a wide range of savings and loan products. The bank’s most recent loan products, such as mortgages, feature the latest in technological advances and lending standards. In addition to traditional banking services, they also provide their clients with a robust online banking platform that includes a wealth of e-services. For example, customers can manage their accounts via e-mail, mobile banking, and even a mobile app that allows them to deposit checks and pay bills on the go.

The company’s online banking portal offers a slew of savings and loan products, from traditional deposit accounts to high-interest savings and line of credit options. Their website also features a wealth of information about their financial services and the latest in banking news, including details about their latest offerings in the form of industry-specific news releases and newsletters. Other than being a well-run company, Peoples Bank is a philanthropy-minded outfit, donating a considerable amount of its funds to charitable organizations. Some of its most recent philanthropic activities include the creation of a micro-finance fund that helps women start their own businesses, as well as a slew of philanthropic donations to nonprofit organizations.

The best part is that the bank’s business model makes it a good choice for small business owners. In fact, the company offers a number of unique, competitive loans, from the most popular home equity loans to student loans and small business loans. Furthermore, they offer a plethora of savings and loan products, from savings and loan products for the do-it-yourselfer to a range of deposit and line of credit options.