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Moto Guzzi TT Travel For 2022

Travel to 210+ countries and destinations for a set daily fee

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Get ready to fly low and go far with the Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel for 2022

The latest edition of the Italian adventure tourer brings a more affordable version to the line-up, as well as new wheels and graphics that mark its centenary. The higher-specification TT Travel variant is priced at $24,330 ride away, and differentiates itself from other models in the range with side panniers, a touring windscreen, adjustable heated grips and the MIA platform.

On the road and in light off-road conditions, the V85 TT Travel is a confident and capable adventure tourer that doesn’t skimp on capability or comfort, and offers up plenty of character to boot. The chassis is a firm-seated blend of suppleness and a good balance between stability and agility, soaking up imperfections like few rivals. The braking is also very strong, with the standard Brembos bouncing off mid-corner bumps without any need for intervention from the ABS.

Despite its lofty price, the TT Travel is well worth considering for those who want an authentic adventure tourer that offers both performance and character in equal measure. With a comfortable seat, wide handlebars and considered foot peg positioning, this is a bike that is as much at home on the highway as it is on dirt roads.