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A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman

Ever wonder what a real man looks and feels like? A real man doesn’t hurt women. He cares about their feelings and shows them their appreciation. Women will feel the same way and be loyal to him for a lifetime. Real men are also devoted and make sure that their women feel special and appreciated. Real women will make sure he feels the same and will never question him.

Respect is the most important quality a man can have. Women are more than just a housewife or a homemaker. They are the glue of a family. They hold everything together and make sure that everything is perfect. Men who appreciate this quality in a woman are always loyal and will never hurt her. They will never hurt her, whether it’s through a simple apology or a hefty check.

Men who hurt a woman will often feel immediate regret. When a woman tells a man that she feels hurt, he will either deny it or pretend it never happened. Some men will even act as if nothing ever happened. Others will pretend that she is insane and forget about the whole thing. Whatever the case may be, a real man will never hurt a woman.