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What Wheels Fit Hhr

If you’re looking to change the rim on your Chevrolet HHR, you’re going to run into a few fitment issues. The bolt pattern on your HHR is S5 x 110mm, which means that the lugs are 110 millimeters apart. You can avoid these problems by knowing the bolt pattern before you start shopping. You can also find out what wheel size will fit your HHR by looking at a wheel size chart.

Most Chevrolet HHR rims are interchangeable with the wheel on your Malibu, but there are a few things you should know about the bolt pattern. The first thing you should check is the offset. The tire offset is printed on the rim’s mounting plate and on the back of the rim’s spokes. The number is usually the middle number and can affect the rubbing issues. You should pay special attention to this number.

You should also check the wheel’s bolt pattern. A lot of vehicles use the same bolt pattern as a Malibu, but if your car has an HHR, you should be able to find a wheel that’s the correct size for it. While you can’t go wrong with a wide rim, you can’t use it on a narrow one. You’ll need to get a different size for the rims on your S10.

Another important thing to check is the offset of the rims. Some wheels have the same bolt pattern as your Malibu, while others have different offsets. If you want to use the same wheel as your Malibu, it’s a good idea to look for wheels that have a similar offset. In this way, you won’t have any problems with rubbing. If you need to change the offset of your rims, you can just change the size of your rims.

If you want to replace the stock wheels on your HHR, you can use a set of aftermarket wheels. If you’re upgrading the wheel, you’ll have to take measurements to ensure that the rims fit properly. If you’re buying a new wheel, make sure it fits the vehicle’s bolt pattern. If it’s a different type, you’ll need to measure the center bore on the rim and check the offset on the wheels.

If you’re wondering what wheels fit hhr, the answer is to check the offset. A wheel offset is the distance that a wheel is from the center of the car. The lower the number, the lower the offset. In the case of the HHR, the offset of the wheel is higher than the bolt pattern on a Malibu. However, this difference isn’t as severe, and you’ll have to use the same set of rims for both models.

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