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Nadia Fortune

World of Warcraft Feline Character Guide – Nadia Fortune

Nadia Fortune, a feline feral, is the last member of Fishbone Gang. The group was on a mission to steal a mysterious Life Gem belonging to Lorenzo Medici. When the Medicis were caught, Nadia took the Life Gem and absorbed it into her body. She became undying as a result. She plots to exact revenge on her fallen comrades.

Fortune’s main strength is her offense, which is above average when she is in Head-On mode. She also has above-average corner damage and meterless reversal. Her unique puppet mechanics make her an excellent choice for combos as well as low-profile moves.

While many of her moves require precise control, Ms. Fortune’s invincibility is not compromised by this. Her body parts can be hardened to serve as weapons and she can use various parts of her body to ward off opponents. Although this ability is difficult to convert, it can help you land a powerful shot at the head.

In a grappling match, Ms. Fortune’s attack is a combination of kicking and grabbing the opponent’s head. She spins her head around like a drill and extends her legs to strike her opponent. She then does a wide, downward kick. She will also use her limbs to attack her opponent.

To remove Ms. Fortune’s hair, you can use Cat Strike or Cat Spike. This makes her more versatile. The head has two different sets of attacks and the HP button becomes dedicated to controlling the head. Although headless moves are safer if the head is removed from the body separately, it can cause additional damage.