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Walmart Travel Backpack

Walmart Travel Backpack – Can Walmart Ask Me to Check My Backpack?

Walmart is your one-stop shop for travel backpacks and weekender bags of any kind – be they backpacks, duffel bags or under-seat rolling luggage. Their extensive collection includes suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags and under-seat rolling luggage from SwissTech; in 2019 their partnership elevated their entire luggage selection even more – now known as traveler favorites that you can find right there at Walmart!

Can Walmart Ask Me to Check My Backpack? While Walmart doesn’t have a corporate policy against backpacks, individual stores have been testing different measures to decrease theft by asking people to check their backpacks or bags at certain designated areas; which is perfectly legal under Shopkeeper Privilege laws.

As we don’t yet know if any of these policies will change, it is a good idea to stay aware of them and the safeguards put into place to protect your belongings. Being informed will allow you to understand why some stores are taking this measure and what can be expected if a Walmart near you implements backpack restrictions.