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Dead Ahead Fortune

Dead Ahead Fortune

Dead Ahead is a strategy game that allows you to control a group of zombies. While most of them are dumb and rot, they occasionally have a few bodily mutations. Additionally, some of these enemies have been affected by mysterious alien energy, giving them abilities like telekinesis, necromancy, and rapid regeneration. Some zombies are even able to turn into suicide bombers. In addition, the game’s Battle Deck, a selection of six playable characters, frequently defaults to your starting squad and forgets any character changes you make.

In the early 1970s, Mr. Fortune began his solo career with the album “Long Before Our Mothers Cried.” In 1965, he had been a part of a soul-jazz band led by Stan Hunter, and his own solo record featured a robust horn section and rhythm section. Later, he signed with the major label Atlantic Records and released three albums for the label. These albums tended to have a higher production value.

While the zombie genre isn’t as prominent as it was a few years ago, there are still plenty of games featuring the undead. The mobile version of Dead Ahead is a fun game with a lot of zombie hordes. The objective of the game is to rid the world of the zombies before they can take over the world.