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What Happens If You Get Pregnant After A Tummy Tuck

Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting until women have given birth before scheduling surgery. It is possible to become pregnant after a Tummy Tuck, but it is not recommended. The scars from previous abdominal surgery will be reconstructed by the surgeon. Most women are not left with any scarring, but if you do get pregnant after your procedure, be prepared to undergo a C-section.

Your health and the time between your tummy tucks and your first pregnancy will determine how long it takes. Most surgeons suggest waiting at least one year after the procedure before getting pregnant. This time period can vary. Your plastic surgeon will tell you how long it will take for you to recover. The ideal time to conceive is between four and six months. If you are unable or unwilling to wait, it is worth seeking out a second opinion.

Many women get dismayed when they discover they have loose skin on their tummy after giving birth. The skin will shrink over the first two years of your pregnancy but it will not recede significantly. After two years, you may notice the separation of your abdominal muscles. While this is normal, it will likely not affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you do get pregnant, you need to be careful.

Although many women worry about getting pregnant after having a tummy tuck, the procedure is completely safe. However, the procedure can stretch the abdominal wall muscles and the skin and can even reverse some of the improvement. Despite the risks, the procedure is a wonderful way to get back the body you had before having children. This is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. You might want it done as soon possible.

If you want to get pregnant after having a tummy tuck, you should wait at least six months after the procedure. It can take up to six months for your body to heal completely from the surgery. Your body will adjust to the new baby and will alter its hormones. Breastfeeding also causes some changes in your body and may affect the outcome of your procedure.

Before you have your tummy tuck you should talk to your surgeon about your plans. Your surgeon can be more careful during the procedure so that the body can be in a better condition to support a growing baby. Talk to a tummy tuck surgeon in Singapore if you are interested in getting pregnant again after a tummy tuck.