Below Is A Collection Of State Abbreviations Dating Back To 1831… Abbreviations For States.

Postal Abbreviations For States/Territories Missouri
1831 MO
1874 MO
1943 MO
10/1963 – Present MO

What Is Missouri’s USPS Abbreviation?


USPS State Abbreviations And FIPS Codes (Appendix D)

State Postal Abbr FIPS Code
Michigan MI 26
Minnesota MN 27
Mississippi MS 28
Missouri MO 29

How Do States Get Their Names Abbreviated?

Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas, and Utah are the only states whose names are never truncated in datelines or text. States of five letters or less, as well as Alaska and Hawaii, are never shortened.

What Is The Origin Of The Acronym MO For Missouri?

Missouri was renamed MO to avoid confusion with other states, whereas Michigan was renamed MI to avoid confusion with other states. Mississippi changed its name from Miss to MS, while Minnesota changed its name from Minn to MN. Montana changed its name from Mont to MT to honor the acronym for mountain.

What Is Missouri’s Two-Letter Abbreviation?


State Abbreviations With Two Letters



Why Is Missouri Abbreviated As MO Though The Name Itself Begins With ” Mi “?

When the word Missouri begins with “Mi,” why is the abbreviation MO? Many postal abbreviations are recycled from earlier sets, and they never repeat between states. The majority of state abbreviations follow a consistent pattern when it comes to shortening state names. These broad patterns may be followed:

What Are Michigan And Mississippi’s Abbreviations?

Abbreviations for States STATE ABBREVIATION IN THE UNITED STATES Michigan MI MN (Minnesota) Mississippi is located in the state of Mississippi. Missouri MO

What Is The State Of Montana’s Abbreviation?

List of State Abbreviations in the United States USPS Abbreviation for State Name Abbreviation used in the past MN (Minnesota) Mississippi, Minnesota MS Missouri, Miss MO Montana MT Mont.

What Is The State Of Maryland’s Abbreviations?

Abbreviations for States STATE ABBREVIATION IN THE UNITED STATES Maryland (MD) is a state in the United MASSACHUSETTS MASSACHUSETT Michigan MI MN (Minnesota)

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