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Ember Travel Trailer

Ember Travel Trailer Review

Ember Travel Trailer is a new RV brand that wants to help RVers escape the campground and explore nature. It offers several models designed with adventure in mind and all of the amenities necessary for an enjoyable camping trip.

The company primarily produces two product lines, the Overland Series and Overland Micro Series, both featuring durable travel trailers for off-road adventures. Both are created by a small but determined manufacturer that takes an owner-centric approach to business by providing personalized attention and one-on-one service to each owner.

The Overland Series: 22FBQ, 191MDB and 207MBH

Each Overland travel trailer is equipped with CURT independent suspension that has been tailored to meet the demands of todayaEUR(tm)s most discriminating RVers. Plus it boasts a heavy-duty off-road tube steel frame built to keep your travel trailer strong in any terrain condition.

Azdel Onboard composite walls and a rooftop prevent the unit from rotting or molding over time, which is great news for campers that enjoy spending time on the go! Plus, these campers boast stylish interior design with Shaw flooring that’s easy to clean; European dual paned acrylic windows; plus EmberLink smart RV control system you can access with just your fingertips!

Ember Overland Series Travel Trailer with Double Bunk Beds in the Back

This Ember Overland travel trailer offers 171FB, 221MDB, 201FBQ
Offering plenty of room for families when they’re on-the-go! Plus it comes complete with a jackknife sofa that can be used as extra sleeping.

For families on the go, the 171FB floorplan is an excellent option! Featuring a residential-sized queen bed in the front and jackknife sofa opposite the galley, it provides plenty of room to move around.

This model features slideouts and a kitchen with pass-through storage space to store all of your supplies while camping. Plus, these units boast an indoor-outdoor stereo system so it’s even easier to listen to your favorite music while camping!

EmberLink smart RV control system can also be controlled from your smartphone, providing you with complete control while traveling. This is an ideal way to stay in the know while staying organized.

In addition to these features, the Ember Overland series travel trailers come with a host of other amenities that will make your journey even more enjoyable! Connecting your smartphone to Bluetooth OneControl lets you control trailer tire pressures, slideout and holding tank levels from your phone; plus with EmberLink system control heating/air conditioning/heating/cooling settings etc. You can customize your Ember travel trailer according to individual needs or preferences by purchasing either max solar package or Battle Born battery upgrades for superior power while driving!