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Miss Fortune Mobalytics

World of Warcraft Class: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a melee champion that has a lot of damage potential. Her basic attacks and ability set can deal huge damage, making her very effective in finishing off opponents. Her abilities can also help you to heal yourself and deal massive damage. Miss Fortune’s Conqueror rune is a great one. It allows her to do incredible damage and heal others.

Miss Fortune’s first ability, which will provide her with huge damage output, will be maxed out at level 9. It is important to remember that Miss Fortune must be out of danger in order to activate her Ultimate R. She is vulnerable to CC and ganks so she should be placed correctly to maximize her damage output.

Miss Fortune is often found in the Bottom Lane but can also be used as a Support, if necessary. Although she doesn’t scale well off items, her ultimate will allow her to do plenty of damage in teamfights. Her high skill ceiling doesn’t mean she can be the most effective champion in a teamfight, however. While she does not have the highest skill ceiling, she is still a viable choice if you don’t mind losing a few games due to her lack of skill.