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Pivot Modular Travel System

The Pivot Modular Travel System From Evenflo

The Pivot Modular Travel System from Evenflo is an excellent option for parents searching for a double stroller and car seat bundle. Not only is it safe and durable, it meets all federal safety guidelines – plus, it comes complete with an infant car seat as well!

This versatile stroller can be used in carriage mode, toddler mode or as a frame stroller with an infant car seat attached. With its large rear wheels and full canopy coverage, this model makes traveling easy!

This stroller can be configured with up to six modes of use, allowing you to choose which direction your baby faces when in it. It features a reclining back, padded footrests and infinite adjustment for comfort.

One of the primary advantages of this travel system is its affordability compared to other double strollers on the market. This makes it an invaluable option for families in need of an economical solution.

Another advantageous feature is its parent cup holder. This handy feature ensures no spills while out and about with your little ones!

The pivot modular travel system is incredibly straightforward to set up and doesn’t need any tools – taking just minutes! Not only that, but it’s incredibly safe for your baby too – everything should be ready in just minutes!

Pivot Xpand Stroller for Children Up to 50 Lbs.

The Pivot Xpand is an ideal travel system for children from birth until they reach 50 pounds, featuring two SafeMax infant car seats and bases that can accommodate up to two children using the included stroller.

This stroller has been tested for rollovers and side impacts, making it a safe, sturdy choice. Plus, its multi-position base and recline indicator make installation of an infant car seat a breeze.

Stylish Stroller with Many Features

The pivot modular travel system stands out from other similar strollers on the market thanks to its large canopy that protects your child from sunlight and rain, as well as a peek-a-boo window covered for privacy. Plus, its large storage basket can store an array of items.

This pivot modular travel system is designed to be highly adaptable and grow with your family, making it the perfect solution for any growing household. Simply convert from a single stroller to double stroller without needing adapters or tools – no adapters required!

Easy to operate and suitable for multiple family members, the 5-point harness on this travel system can be adjusted in infinite positions with its adjustable 5-point harness system. Plus, its canopy can be zipped up for extra shade or parent cup holders to hold beverages – making it a must have item in any family! With such safety and durability built-in, you won’t regret investing in this essential travel system!