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What Bolts Can I Use In My Parker Crossbow

Parker Bows manufactures the highest quality carbon bolts specifically for their crossbows. These bolts are engineered to deliver accuracy and knockdown punch to the target. The Enforcer and the other Parker models are built with the same quality and precision in mind. These crossbow bolts can be used in a variety of applications, including hunting, archery, and target shooting. When buying a new crossbow, be sure to purchase one with the same specifications.

The Enforcer trigger is a high-quality piece of hardware that fits perfectly into the Parker Challenger crossbow. The bolt’s design is lightweight, smooth, and includes anti-dry fire. It will not fire without a bolt. An added safety feature prevents the crossbow from firing without a bolt. The auto safety will engage when you cock the bow string back. You must manually release the safety before you fire.

The Enforcer is a high-quality crossbow with a powerful scope. It is laser-sighted and extremely accurate out of the box. It is durable and will take down deer, bobcats, and small game. The Enforcer will last a lifetime. It is available in several different colors and is priced well under $500. The Enforcer trigger is easy to grip and has a quick-release safety mechanism.

If you choose to buy the Enforcer trigger, you should ensure that the bolt is properly secured into the crossbow. A dry-fire trigger may cause the limb to delaminate. The Enforcer trigger is also equipped with an automatic safety mechanism, which will protect the user by engaging the safety after the string is cocked back. The manual safety is a key feature that you should activate before shooting.

The Parker Enforcer trigger has an adjustable draw strength and delivers arrows with a speed between 275 and 300 fps. A 400 grain arrow will produce an equi-kinetic energy of between sixty to eighty ft. lbs. of kinetic energy at point blank range. As you get farther from your target, this kinetic energy decreases.

The Parker Enforcer trigger is one of the most advanced features for a crossbow of this price. Its trigger is smooth and light. The anti-dry-fire feature will prevent you from firing without a bolt. The safety will also automatically engage when you cock the string back. If you have a non-automatic safety, you will need to manually engage it before firing the arrow.

The Enforcer crossbow is easy to assemble. The instructions and video make the process a breeze. While assembling a Parker crossbow is a little more difficult than a recurve, it will fit into a standard Allen Company case. It also comes with an Allen Company crossbow case. These cases are available for under $70-dollars. When buying a new one, it is best to purchase a carbon-resin deluxe case.

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