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Fisher Price Little People Camper

Fisher Price Little People Camper Review

If you’re looking for a toy that will spark your child’s imagination while teaching them about camping, there’s no better way than a Fisher Price Little People Camper. This set comes complete with two figures and three play pieces, including a funky-looking tent and an adorable car. The camper opens up into a realistic campsite, which features a glowing campfire, a picnic table, and even some bunk beds. Whether you’re going on a family vacation or just going camping with your friends, the Little People Song & Sounds Camper is sure to make your trip a lot more exciting.

The Little People Song & Sounds Camper is a great choice for your little adventurer. In fact, it’s recommended for kids ages one to five. Not only does it give them a fun and unique way to learn about camping, it also helps them develop important skills like counting, reading, and problem solving. It’s also a great way to spend time together with your favorite little people.

As for the rest of the playset, you’ll find a green 3-seat flat bed truck, a green 5-seat rowboat, and a yellow motorcycle with red handle bars. All the vehicles have their own features. For example, the rowboat rolls on black deep tread tires and has fishing gear on the floorboard between the benches. There are also a few other items that kids will be enthralled with, including a car that is able to make the oh so elusive “camper shuffle”, and a ladder that is a tad on the heavy side.

One of the things my 15 month old grandson enjoyed the most was opening the tent and the car. He was particularly interested in the rocking hammock, the button on the top of the camper, and the little lights on the roof of the camper. The camper is a bit old and the tent has some wear and tear, but overall, it’s a great little camper. I can’t say that I’ve seen this set in other stores, and I can’t find it for sale online, but it’s definitely a worthy purchase for the price.

Of course, the Little People Song & Sounds Camper’s biggest feature is its ability to open up to a real life camp site, where kids can use the vehicle to make some cool sounds. Other fun stuff included in the set include a cool-looking picnic table and a “Little People” that look like they could be the stars of a movie. The trailer is a little old and the car has some wear and tear on the wheels, but if you’re looking for a toy for a boy or girl who loves to camp, this is the toy for you.