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Karu Research

The Rise of Karu Research

Karu Research is a young brand with a fresh approach to the fashion industry. In less than a year, the label has made its way onto the shelves of major international fashion retailers such as Selfridges and 10 Corso Como. Its work with masters of the Indian handicraft sector has also seen the label enter the wardrobes of celebrities. Its products are produced using traditional techniques and materials and the company’s mission is to recontextualize India’s rich cultural heritage.

Karu Research’s production philosophy

Karu Research is a relatively new brand, but its ultra-crafted production methodology is a welcome novelty in the fashion industry. All of the fabrics and prints are made by hand and dyed exclusively with natural pigments. The fabrics used for these pieces are from one of the oldest textile traditions in the world. These fabrics are woven on a handloom and printed by hand with carved wooden blocks. Karu Research works with artisans in the Indian handicrafts sector to bring the craftsmanship and culture of India into the contemporary world.

Its materials

Karu Research is a sustainable fashion brand that uses upcycled materials and artisanal processes to create a new generation of clothing. The brand sources materials from artisans in India and creates exclusive, limited edition pieces. The brand’s textiles are dyed with natural pigments and are produced in small quantities.

The company’s working methodology is a refreshing novelty in the fashion industry. Within a year, Karu Research has appeared on the shelves of some of the world’s leading fashion retailers, including Selfridges and 10 Corso Como. It has also made its way into the wardrobes of several high-profile celebrities. The brand works with renowned masters of the Indian handicraft sector to create clothing that celebrates India’s rich cultural heritage.

Its founder

Karu Research is an artisanal menswear design studio based in New Delhi, India. Founded in 2021 by Kartik Kumra, the brand is inspired by the culture of the people it works with and incorporates it into modern silhouettes. Its latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by the past and present of the city. The designers worked with master craftsmen in the handicraft sector to bring their heritage to the world.

The brand started selling its pieces on Instagram and has since expanded to employ 40 artisans and a team of tailors. In addition to selling its core line, the brand is now releasing a 17-piece capsule collection through Mr. Porter, a luxury menswear brand that already carries some of its designs. This summer capsule collection fuses age-old Indian craft techniques with contemporary design, and will complement your wardrobe with classic summer pieces.