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Are You A Boy Or A Girl Meme

A hilarious new series of jokes about are you a boy or a woman is now available online: the “Are You a Boy or a Girl Meme”. The meme focuses on the differences between young boys and girls during puberty. It first appeared in September of 2019 on Reddit and has since garnered more than ten thousand upvotes. In August of 2020, another subreddit was created focusing solely on the Boys Are Quirky memes and has since gained more than 2,500 subscribers.

Another popular meme is “When the Teacher Says “Get out of Class”, also known as the “Girls Reaction” vs. Boys Reaction is a joke about the differences between boys & girls. The original “When Teacher Says to Get Out of Class” meme was created in August 2017 and was not ironic at the time, but later became incredibly popular on Reddit and Instagram.