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Dr Vince Clinical Research

DVCR Clinical Research

DVCR Clinical Research is a company that offers robust and comprehensive benefits packages to their employees. They have a new, world class headquarters located in Overland Park, Kansas.

DVCR’s new, world-class headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas

DVCR’s new, world-class headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas is designed to help the company achieve its goals of becoming the premier destination for Phase I clinical studies. It features unrivaled amenities, a first-rate benefits package, and a collaborative work environment. This complex is composed of three buildings in Overland Park, KS, including a clinical pharmacology unit with a GMP compliant pharmacy. The complex also includes a six-figure fitness center, a plethora of restaurants, and a first-rate secure fiber network.

The facility also includes a premier research and development program. This includes KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services, a company that provides pharmacokinetic analysis. The company recently completed a study demonstrating CTx-1301’s food absorption. The DVCR headquarters also features a 90-bed clinical pharmacology unit, positive and negative pressure compounding rooms, and a GMP compliant pharmacy.

Dr. Brad Vince, the company’s CEO and medical director, has been in the clinical research industry for more than 20 years. He has authored numerous scientific publications and served as an investigator on more than 600 clinical trials. He has also built a world-class leadership team to help him reach his goal.

DVCR’s experience in the clinical research industry

DVCR’s experience in the clinical research industry includes a wide range of research activities. From early phase clinical trials to vaccine development, the company works with research centers and industry to advance the health of patients. Its team of world-class scientists has more than 50 years of experience in clinical research. Its vaccines for seasonal influenza, pandemic influenza, and hepatitis A are in the commercial market.

DVCR’s clinical research infrastructure provides a foundation for accelerated processing of submissions. The organization has a single point of contact for clients and delivers predictable turnaround times on study items. This helps the company concentrate on scientific outreach and exploration of new technologies.

As clinical-trial activities move closer to patients, new tools and services must be developed to accommodate these changes. Telehealthcare, e-consent, and remote patient monitoring are some examples of emerging technologies that support this trend. Investing in these technologies can help investigators maintain connections to trial participants. This is especially important as data verification and monitoring shifts from in-person monitoring to more remote coverage.