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Istela Nunes Related To Amanda Nunes

You may have heard about Istela Nunes, a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC strawweight division. She made her UFC debut in late 2021 when she fought fellow Brazilian strawweight Ariane Carnelossi in UFC Vegas 40’s preliminary spherical. Her momentary biography can be found on several websites. Nunes started her expert MMA career in 2010.

As for her personal life, Amanda Nunes prefers to keep it private. She prefers to be focused on her work and has not made any public comments about it. She has not disclosed any details about her previous relationships or if she’s still married to Nina. She has kept her profile low and isn’t even talking about her previous marriages. Although Nunes is not married, Nina is reportedly still in a relationship with her.

Istela Nunes, like Amanda, also loves to fight. When her father started capoeira for all three of their children, she began martial arts training at an early age. By the age of ten, she had switched to a different self-discipline. Nunes was introduced to Muay Thai by her mother.

Despite her impressive record, Nunes is still relatively unknown outside the UFC. Since September 2014, Nunes has not fought and her only appearance in the Octagon was against Angela Hill. Nunes’ debut against Hill was her only loss. She won her first octagon bout in July 2019 after that defeat. To win the interim bantamweight title, she defeated Na Liang by a TKO.

If she takes on Pena, Nunes’ title defense against Pena will be her first since she was crowned the g.o.a.t. of women’s MMA. However, her loss was arguably one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport. She had defeated all other women who held the belt before her loss. Nunes will need to do even more if she wins the rematch.

While she was running out of opponents for her upcoming fights, she had an advantage over Pena. She was a -1200 favourite to face Diego Pena Dec. 2021. However, she suffered a knee injury in training and contracted COVID. She was forced to postpone her fight. But Nunes was eventually able reschedule her fight.