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Peoples Bank Pomeroy Ohio

Peoples Bank – Ohio – Pomeroy

The people at Peoples Bank – Ohio – Pomeroy have been serving the community for more than a century. A full service branch, the Pomeroy branch has all the usual suspects, from a limited service facility office to a shiny new ATM. This bank is a worthwhile destination in any neighborhood.

There are two ATMs to be had around the Pomeroy branch. One of these has a shiny new FDIC certificate. Unlike a number of the banks in the area, this institution has a nice customer service record. They also have a stellar website. If you can’t visit in person, you can always make use of the bank’s online banking site.

The Peoples Bank – Ohio – Pomeroy is a surprisingly big operation with $3.9 billion in total assets. It has two branches, the other being in Marietta, Ohio. With its impressive list of credentials, you’d be hard pressed to find a better financial home for your hard earned cash. Whether it’s a simple loan or a large sum of money, you can count on the Pomeroy branch to get the job done right. As for hours, the Pomeroy branch is open Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the bank is closed. However, if you’re a customer, you can call ahead to learn if you’ll have to wait on the weekend. You can also stop by on business.

Aside from the obvious banking services, Peoples Bank – Ohio – Pomeroy has a slew of other services. From mortgages to retirement savings plans, the Pomeroy branch is a great place to go for your banking needs.