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Crayon In Wallet When Traveling

Why You Should Carry a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Crayons can provide an inexpensive and fun way to entertain yourself while traveling. Use it to draw a map of your destination or write notes in your travel journal! These compact writing implements are great companions that won’t add extra weight.

Why Pack a Crayon When Traveling? While most travelers understandably pack essentials like passports and tickets when planning for a journey, often leaving something important out – such as crayons! It might come as a shocker that one of the most practical items to include when packing is one you already own in your wallet!

Why Carry a Crayon When Traveling

Carrying a crayon can be lifesaving when traveling, particularly if traveling with children. They provide entertainment and distraction while on the move.

Use a crayon as a reminder of where and how to reach your hotel, especially when using public transit or visiting new cities. This method may come especially handy when exploring unknown territory.

Consider packing a crayon when traveling for another useful reason – keeping your credit cards organized and straight. Plastic credit cards tend to bend easily when carried in wallets, creating danger for children or anyone holding onto them as the card may break in half and be dangerously sharp.

Traveling with children can be tricky. Carrying crayons in your wallet is an invaluable way of protecting them from damaging their cards or entering danger zones.

Your wallet could contain everything it needs to help save a child’s life. If you suspect any child could be at risk, try placing a crayon in their pocket so they can write out messages they would like you to read and pass them along.

Or you could give them crayons and paper, so they can discreetly write a letter asking for your assistance without drawing too much attention to themselves; people usually don’t pay much heed to crayons! This tactic may work better as people tend not to pay much heed when people receive crayons as gifts.

As another precaution against thieves, try leaving a crayon somewhere out-of-reach of potential thieves or anyone attempting to access your wallet. Doing this could save your wallet!

There are plenty of reasons for traveling with crayons in your wallet, but before selecting which type and size of crayon to bring along you must carefully consider several key points. First and foremost, ensure the crayon you plan to bring is not too thick, as this will make fitting it inside of your wallet difficult.