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How To Pierce Your Own Ears With A Sewing Needle

To pierce your own ears, you will need to buy a piercing kit. The materials required are the same as those for ear piercings, including a sewing needle. However, the sewing needle has wider gauge and is sharper. You will need to prepare your ear for the insertion by soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Next, mark the location where you want to pierce and insert the needle slowly. Do not open the needle until you are ready to proceed. You should also wipe the piercing site with rubbing alcohol to prevent the spread of blood.

The needle should be sterilized before using it. It should be hollow and threaded with the jewelry. The needle should be inserted at a 45-degree angle. It should be quickly inserted; the longer it is pushed in, the more pain it will cause. The piercing process may be slightly painful so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. If you are a first-timer, you might want to seek medical advice before trying the procedure.

Using a sewing needle to pierce your ears increases the risk of infection because the trauma of the needle leaves an area vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Therefore, it is recommended to use antiseptic lotions, boiling water or rubbing alcohol, or to seek the help of a professional piercer. If you are a first-timer, always make sure to follow the directions to the letter.

To pierce your own ears, you must sterilize the needle and earring studs. A sewing needle is much safer and is more effective than a safety pin because it is thinner and can make a smaller hole. Needles should be inserted into your ears in a curved fashion at a 45-degree angle, and they should be inserted quickly. A long time can result in more pain. Remember that numbing gel only numbs the first layer of skin.

The sewing needle is a safer option for piercing your ears than safety pins, which require a sterile needle. The sterile needle will also help you save money. The sewing needle is also safer for piercing cartilage, so you can save on a professional’s services. But, make sure you have enough practice before you try it. Don’t let yourself be intimidated.

Using a sewing needle to pierce your ears can be a DIY option. While a professional ear piercer is recommended, a sewing needle will be much cheaper. You can also pierce your own cartilage and avoid paying a piercing shop. But, you should always use the correct technique for your ear piercing. If you’re not certain about how to pierce your lobes, you can sanitize your own ear rings.

Before beginning, you should take a piece of ice and place the needle behind your earlobe. This way, the piercer can’t see if the needle has gone through your earlobe. An apple will be a great indicator for a successful ear piercing. It can also help to pierce the cartilage. A piercing tool should have a thread to make a hole.

To pierce your own ear, you’ll need a thick stitching needle. Unlike professional ear piercers, you can also do it at home if you have enough skills. It’s important to be sure that you’re healthy before you start this procedure. A piercing is only possible if you are a healthy person. If you are not a healthy person, you should consult with a professional ear piercer.

When you have a piercing kit, you should sterilize the needle and use a sewing needle for the process. After sterilizing the needle, you’ll need to insert the apple. The apple must be flush with the back of your earlobe. The piercing tool should be sharp enough to pierce the earlobe. After the piercing, make sure you stay healthy for the next six weeks.